Child-EuroQol project

The Child-EuroQol project is about the development and validation of a child-friendly version of the EQ-5D. The “child-friendly”-project is funded by the EuroQol group and aims at the development of a child-friendly version of the in research widely used instrument EQ-5D. After an English pilot version of the new child-friendly questionnaire was made in international cooperation between researchers including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and South-Africa, validation studies for the pilot version are currently performed in the participating countries. In addition to the psychometric properties of the new instrument the appropriate age range for the use of the child-friendly EQ-5D version is to be analysed.


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 Contact Person is Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer.



Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer

MPH, Professorin für


Gesundheitspsychologie und

Versorgung von Kindern und

Jugendlichen in Deutschland