AOK family study

The AOK family study "Strong for everyday life" is a qualitative study on behalf of the AOK federal association and the magazine "stern", which should be the "face" of the results of the big surveys, like the child- and youth-survey (KiGGS) and BELLA study. Although the studies KiGGS and BELLA assess the status quo of the psychological and physical health of children and adolescents and identify important risk and protection factors, these are not helpful without the derivation of recommendations that are specifically and suitable for everyday life for the concerned families.


Therefore the AOK family study aims at illustrating the existing research results on families and giving guidance to the families how they can mobilize their resources. For this observations and interviews were made that show what resources exist in the families and what solutions they have for promotion of their children’s health.

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Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer

MPH, Professorin für


Gesundheitspsychologie und

Versorgung von Kindern und

Jugendlichen in Deutschland